"The Adventures of George"

by Blair Gowrie
(Bangkok, Thailand)

This is an excerpt as "The Adventures of George" (already published ISBN 978-1-6048-1624-2)has about 40,000 words.

"The Maximum Leader arrived right on time,
And before sitting down at the table to dine
Addressed the club in this very way,
“Comrades, the reason I’ve come here today,
Is to meet my old friend and to say
That I will not touch any capitalist food,
What I need to eat is both simple and good,
Yes, pork and beans, the people’s staple,
A dish which my friend is very able
To make very well – but before we eat
I wish to continue with my speech
The poor must stand up for their rights,
Put blood-sucking foreigners to flight
Arrest all those who plunder their resources
Never give up, but gather their forces
To ensure that all assets belong to the nation
To be used for the benefit of the whole population.
Those in my country not supporting this cause
Of freedom and equality were forced from our shores,
To flee as refugees, never to return,
These people we call traitors, these people we call worms!”

from "The Adventures of George"

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