The Anatomy of Thankfulness

by Nolan
(Atlanta, GA.)

In a circle does it flow
From within, outward to destinations
known and unknown
To come back at a time unexpected
Therein lies the beauty of this body
which comes from within
Intentions drive this vehicle
A taxi to pick up and drop off passengers
thru the years
Faces vaguely familiar come and go
Goodness wells up and overflows
Caressing the face of forgiveness
Hate and ignorance speak vileness and
spew its poison darts of wickedness
But it quickly dissolved in waves of thankfulness
from distant shores
A shield to be taken into battle-hard as steel
but as soft as the look of love in the brightness of the day
Taken apart it stays together-freely dispersed
Never understanding how it is to return-but it really
doesn't matter
For the unity of this emotion transcends beyond death
to infinite planes of where our souls reside

© By ChungWoo On 2/14/2011 3:38:38 PM

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