The Angel on the Tree

by C.E.

“The Angel on the Tree”

There is an angel on my tree
How she got there,
I’ll explain to thee
Once upon a Christmas Eve
Santa’s helpers all took leave
Santa made the gifts himself
Which is quite good, for a chubby elf?
His reindeer told him
They’re on strike
So he told them to
Take a hike.
He hired some donkeys
To pull the sleigh.
He kept them warm,
And fed them hay
The route that should take
Christmas Eve,
Now took over a week to
Here’s the reason I’m telling
You why,
Those donkeys unlike reindeer
Just couldn’t fly
Santa filled with frustration,
Ready to cry.
When right in front of him,
An Angel did fly.
She asked him problem,
She asked him plight.
This route, he said, would
Take all night.
She asked him a favor,
She held up a tree.
Would you deliver this
Here pine for me?
No matter how they tried,
That tree would not fit.
But that Angel, just would
Not quit.
“What would you have me
Do with this tree?” She did inquire.
And that’s how the tradition
Came to transpire.

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