The Answer

by Kenneth Hoffman
(Morristown, NJ , USA)

I never went to college to learn some fancy knowledge,
I go to church on Sunday and then to work on Monday

But life is hard when you’re dealt no cards,
All I want is to be with you.

You say I’m no good - that I’m a failure.
But what happened to all of the love that I gave you?

You say you want money or else you will leave me,
But I gave all I got, why don’t you believe me?

Two cars in the driveway for you ain’t enough,
Ev’ry day is a buy day, you don’t have it so rough.

Two weeks at the seashore for you was a joke,
You spent a week in Las Vegas until we were broke.

Two rings that I gave you didn’t last long,
They went to a pawn shop, got sold for a song.

You even hired a lawyer to file for divorce,
You used all our savings, there should be a law.

You keep asking for answers - there’s no more I can say,
There’s no more to hand you, no more I can pay.

But if you want me to ‘respond’,
I’ll still love you when you’re gone.

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