The Beat Generation

by Daniel Miltz

The Beat Generation

{Free Verse}
Jan 12, 2017• By daniel miltz •

It's the beat era
It's beat of the heat
It's beat deep to keep
It's beat start of the heart
It's beat frown and beaten down

It's the beat generation fascination
It's beat truth of the youth
It's beat faces of the places
It's beat displaying to zen praying
It's beat politic of the beatnik

It's the oldtown bohemian lowdown
It's beat in the street to meet
It's beat swaying to the playing
It's beat with a hanger-on' doppelganger
It's beat Lords of the beat adored

It's the beat of Kerouac yak
It's beat of Ginsberg dirge
It's beat of Burroughs prose
It's beat attitude of generation beatitude
It's beat of The Beat Generation feat

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