The Beginning of Love.

by Andrew Tu'akoi
(Honolulu HI!)

I have traveled far and deep
to gain the affection of Love

I prayed with an open heart
seeking guidance from Above

I have been deceived, hurt and
manipulated a multiple times

To toy with one persons emotions,
defines an unspeakable crime

That power you can give over to someone,
to trust and to believe

Can destroy you as a whole
when they turn around to leave

But love is a value obtained
through a series of pain

True love is when you make it through
the struggle and
your relationship maintains
A bond like no other

Your soul strives for her connection
Fully aware of the world but
to give her your only attention

I have finally found love, and
made an endless commitment

To love her forever and eternity
to forever share every Moment

I was blinded, looking for love in
every wrong direction

When love has grown inside of me
like an incurable infection

This is my beginning
to a new found definition of Love

It's a feeling that i enjoy and
I can't get enough :)

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