The Big Five O!

by Malini Kanal
(Mumbai, India)

Fifty – Ah Fifty!
It’s finally here
But chill, dear sister
Do have no fear!!!

It just means more creaking
When you sit down…
And lots more groaning
After a night on the town!

It just means hair
That’s a little bit thinner,
And when you go bowling
Not every ball’s a winner.

It just means a little more
Of having ‘lost’ things to find
And figuring out technology
That boggles your mind!

But as I said before
Dear sister, do chill…
There are lots of pluses
To being almost over the hill!

It means being closer
To your sisters, you know
More ‘friends’ now than siblings
This bond will just grow!

It means being able
To catch up with friends
And giggle like crazy
Over the new fangled trends

It means a bank of memories
Now etched in Gold
And with Age on your side
Others do as their told!

Fifty – Ah Fifty!
Make the most of the glory!
For soon you’ll be sixty
And that’s another story!!!

 Malini Kanal

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