The Big House

by Daniel Miltz
(Hampstead, NH U.S.A)

The Big House

{Free Verse}
Apr 30, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz

In the slammer all day and all night
Another day, with no sunlight
A world without nothing in sight
Sitting in a cooped up dun-geon
Where misgivings are never for-giv-en
Eyes upwards in isolation
In banging echo location

The leavings of time, gone around
Emptying, pouring down
Into your fearful mind
Playing in lonesome, droopy time
Giving your longing heart, full sway
Trying to see, the light of blessed day
In big house, pokey, put away

In a few long months to come
The end of your journey, will be in sight
And from the darkness, you'll see light
Knowing it's been a tough run
But, hoping you know
From that hard bitter lesson, spun
You reap what you sow

Finally, before you know it
Spending time in cell, clink, cooler
The chains have been slit
The bars are a goner
You don't know or care why
Your heart beating deeper
You'll be free, flying sky high

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