The Bouquet

by Allison K. Roopcharan
(Flushing, Ny)

Driving in the car,
In remote Pennsylvania,
He pulled over and said I have to stop for a few,
I turned to him and said, it's ok, do what you have to.
Within minutes he came back,
And in his hand the most beautiful bouquet,
That without a doubt took my breath away.

They were fresh, wild and really cute,
That is the absolute truth.
Took him to gather in very little time,
And did not even cost him a dime.
More beautiful than what I would get from the local store,
That was for sure.
He extended his hand and then gave them to me,
Along with a soft kiss to my left cheek.

My heart felt warm because I thought it was really sweet.
We both looked at each other and smiled lovingly.
Twas the nicest thing anyone had ever done,
From that moment on, I knew he was the one.
We drove off and were on our way,
Til now, that was one of my happiest of days.

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