The Boy Who Wondered

by Rachel
(North Somerset, England)

I knew a boy who stood alone
The boy who was shy
and didn't have any friends
He locked himself up

Letting no feelings show
He felt no pain
He never had a love of his life
No one to share or to hold forever

He worked hard but didn't sweat
He was organised and neat
But never complained
He hardly ever spoke unless asked
a question in class

Sadness passed through his body
like a current in a river
But you never saw him flinch
Why did he stand alone and
lock himself up?

He should have friends and
be laughing
But this boy had seen death
and you too could see his enchanted eyes

And through his eyes you could see
a tormented little boy in deep pain
This is why hides
he has too much pain to share
This is why he never shows how he feels
he's too confused

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Nov 19, 2016
this could be my daughter
by: Anonymous

She had no friends in school and never spoke. When she did speak the class all laughed at her. She never told me until recently and that makes me sad because now I know I have failed her as a parent and I can never reverse those days or erase those memories. I will always love her but fully understand why she would hate me.

Jun 21, 2012
by: joey cain

This poem reminds me of myself in how sad I am because I never talk in school. And I'm always alone everyday I cry at least once over all the pain inside me. So if u see a kid like that please go up to them and talk to them because it would mean the world to them
keep up the really good work.

Feb 18, 2012
by: Lucy

hey Rachel,
sad poem but good,
you made me wonder is there a real boy like that,
and Rachel i know you sometimes understand and i understand you,
and you know you have holes inside of you well so do i,
chat tomoz...

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