by Jim Bell
(Chatham Kent UK)


In the distant town of Bethlehem,
On a bright, but Winter’s night;
A couple drove through barren lands
In a bid to ease their plight.

Joseph found a parking spot,
In the back seat, was his wife;
Belly rounded, with expected child,
Soon to produce another life.

Mary was feeling very distressed,
She feared her waters would break soon;
So begged Joseph to go searching,
To find a comfortable room .

He left her, sitting in the car,
Tried every Hotel he could find;
Unfortunately, all were fully booked,
Though the staff were very kind.

They said there was a football match,
Some team from Leyton,…if they weren’t mistaken;
Playing against their local team,
So every available room was taken.

As a last resort, poor old Joseph,
Tried the local pub;
A little, run down hovel,
That could at least, supply some grub.

He knocked loudly on the wooden door,
A man appeared…wide in girth;
Joseph asked if he had got a room,
For his wife was about to give birth.

“Sorry mate”, he apologised,
“Not a single, vacant bed ;
but, if she’s really getting that close,
you can shelter in the shed.”

Gratefully, Joseph ushered Mary
Through the broken door;
Shoo’ed away the animals,
Made her comfortable, on a bed of straw.

It was very nearly midnight,
Joseph didn’t have a clue;
So, he held her hand and whispered,
“Together, we’ll see this through.”

“That’s typical of a bloody man”,
said Mary, under her breath;
“You sit there, saying pleasantries…
and leave me to do the rest!”

The animals ventured closer,
To see what it was all about;
Cows and sheep nibbled at her bed,
As she began to scream and shout.

The fragile crying of a new born baby,
Could faintly be heard from outside;
Joseph cleaned her up, the best he could,
And laid the baby at her side.

The parents were both very relieved,
That their new born, baby boy,
Looked healthy, and cried out really loud,
They were thrilled, and full of joy.

At the very moment of the birth,
Way up, in the hills;
A farmer was in his tractor,
Searching for sheep, in one of his fields.

They often wandered far and wide,
Getting lost, in the dark of night;
But, suddenly, the sky was illuminated,
By a star, that shone so bright.

The shepherd used his mobile phone,
To ring up his old mate,
Who was tending sheep in another field,
Though the hour was very late.

“Did you see that star ?” the first man said,
“What caused it ?”, he did shout;
“Yeah !”said the second one,
“Let’s go and search it out”

So, off they drove at quite a pace,
the journey was quite far,
Until they reached the town of Bethlehem,
Immediately beneath that star.

They saw “FULL” signs in all windows,
And then, they spied the shed,
Instinct told them to ignore Hotels,
And go in there, instead.

When they opened the wooden door,
They had the shock of their life;
There, on the floor, on a bed of straw,
Was a baby, with Joseph and his wife.

One shepherd was heard to offer a prayer,
Another shouted, “Heavens above!”;
As the mother and child lay on the ground,
Surrounded by such love.

Joseph said, “We’ll need a name,”
And looked down at his wife;
A late comer barged into the shed,
And in surprise, said “Jesus Christ !”

“That’s a good name”, said Mary,
clutching baby to her breast;
“This child of ours, is one of a kind,
he’ll simply be the best.”

So, that’s how it all started…
In that hovel, in Bethlehem;
A welcome respite from the crowded Hotels,
And of the football mayhem.

Leyton won their match, by a single goal,
And, when the fans saw the star,
They thought it was for their victory,
So they travelled from afar.

Nearing the shed, they felt something special,
Was drawing them to this place;
So, on the way, they gathered gifts,
With smiles spread over their face.

They said,”We’re from The Orient,
And we’ve got a winning team;
We’ve travelled here from the east,
Just beyond Bethnel Green.

That’s why, when you see a picture of the baby’s birth,
In the background, trying not to laugh,
Amongst the cattle, and shepherds,
Is a supporter with a red and white scarf.

It doesn’t matter how you celebrate,
But, to recognise this baby’s birth;
You can put aside one day each year,
And fill it with your mirth.

Don’t forget, the Church will welcome you,
To sing the songs of praise;
To offer thanks for Jesus Christ,
In those by-gone days.

The boy done well, when growing up,
And when he became a man,
He befriended even the Leyton supporters,
Down to the most dedicated fans.

“You looked after my Mum and Dad,
in all that they went through;
now, for all eternity,
I’ll keep an eye on you.”

And that’s the way it’s been since then,
God’s greatest gift by far;
No matter how much football clubs pay for players,
Jesus is THE priceless star !!!

Jim Bell

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Jun 28, 2012
by: Christopher

Wow this is really brilliant.

Jun 19, 2011
The Writer done good too
by: Anonymous

bloody brilliant

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