The Brave

by Brenda Rayburn
(Ooltewah TN USA)

What kind of life would we have if no one answered the call?
Would we know any kind of freedom or have any rights at all?
When we stop to consider the sacrifice so many others made,
How can we not be thankful for the incredible price they paid?
They all left their loved ones and fought to keep them free,
And without even knowing us, they also fought for you and me
Against powers who would invade our land and strip us of our pride,
They bravely stood and fought the foes though many of them died.
These people that we salute today, the veterans of our land
Are heroes to us all because of their bravery and their stand.
May we never forget their service to us or the sacrifice they gave
For this great land we call our home is free because of the brave!

B Rayburn

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