The Cheers Song

by Anna Lovering
(United States)

"Pick up your bottle,
your glass, your friend....."

Hold them dear,
til the End.

Take a seat, stand so tall.
They have each given

reason as it's passed along
in season.

"Cheers!, Cheers!,
Cheers!, my Love....

"Roast 'em, toast 'em, share
thanks of Grace....."

As you pour thoughts of dear
'ol friends out in a cup and

hold them dear
til the end.

Stand up, stay merry,
let loose this years canary....

Her strength, her will, not
short of Freedom's bell.

Blown as our cover to
sing out for yet another.....

"Cheers!, Cheers!,
Cheers!, my Love....

Don't grow old
without a heart

that you've lent
as a caring friend.

So shall I
hold You Dear,

til the

"Cheers!, Cheers!,
Cheers!, my Love....

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