The Children of the Night

by Thomas Vaughan Jones
(Liverpool UK)

The moon is full and shining,
it fills us with delight.
It's time we went out hunting,
we children of the night

Listen to us calling.
The night is clear and still,
and nature sits with bated breath
as we run down our kill.

The mystery of our Moon Song
will fill your heart with dread.
We come as bat or werewolf
to take you from your bed.

The screaming of our victims,
beaten, bloody, raw
is music to our monstrous ears
as we regale in gore.

When once we take your virtue
betray you with our bite,
then you must come and join us,
we children of the night.

Come join in the love songs
we render to the Moon.
Come take part in our ritual
and dance the Devil's tune.

For we are Satan's children.
We run before the light,
delighting in dark kingdoms,
we children of the night.

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