Easter by Mykola Pymonenko
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                                                                                                "Easter" by Mykola Pymonenko

The Christian Story of Easter is the most important event in the Christian liturgical year. The gospels relate that Jesus arose from the dead on the third day following the crucifixion. The resurrection is commemorated on Easter Sunday. 

The actual date of Easter changes from year to year, as it is not specifically tied to the civil calendar. In the year 325, the First Council of Nicaea established the date of Easter as the Sunday immediately after the full moon "(the Paschal Full Moon) following the northern hemisphere's vernal equinox." Therefore the date of Easter falls somewhere between March 22 and April 25. 

According to the Eastern Churches, most of which follow the Julian Calendar, the date of Easter varies between April 4 and May 8 (the corresponding dates on the Gregorian Calendar used by Western Catholic and Protestant churches.) Currently, 13 days separate the two calendars. So, for example, November 1 on the Julian Calendar is November 14 on the Gregorian calendar.

For many religious denominations, the Christian story of Easter signifies the end of the Lenten season, a forty-day period of reflection and prayer, fasting and penance. The final week of Lent is known as Holy Week. Good Friday, which commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus, occurs at this time.

Easter is connected to the Jewish Passover holiday both in the time of year it is celebrated and through it's symbolism, which is such an important part of the Christian story.

It is our great pleasure to bring you a selection of Christian religious verses written by a wonderful group of poets who have graciously granted us permission to publish their works. They have each contributed their considerable talents to the telling of the Christian Story. We specifically give thanks to Esther Thornburg, Debbie Bongiovanni, Leslie Rummel, and Robert Edwards Jr.

We wish you all a blessed and meaningful Easter.


A peace this world never gave
Came to dwell in my heart,
His spirit to guide, live within.
To love, honor, believe in Him.
He came so long ago,
That we may know,
His power, His love,
Eternal life above.
Praise and glorify His name.
He and the Father are the same.
Believe in Him and become
Adopted sons, eternal life won.
May life bear fruits to nourish
So lives of others may flourish.
Enjoy the peace the world never gave
And joy of life beyond the grave.
Thank you, Lord and Saviour
For life, love, grace and favor.

                               © Esther Thornburg 2012

An Easter Poem

Today is Easter,
A very special day,
It's the time to go to church,
And take some time and pray.

The kids will hunt for easter eggs,
And have alot of fun,
And on this beautiful spring day,
We'll all be out in the sun.

But we must remember our Savior,
Who is up in the heavens above,
Because we are blessed with so many things,
And they are all given with his love.

                               © Debbie Bongiovanni 2012

I Thank You Lord

I thank You for the blessings
You give to me each day.
They fill my life with abundant joy
More than words can say!

I thank You for my growing faith
And the trials I've made it through.
I'm victorious and am made complete
Because of only You!

I thank You for the many times
You carry me through my strife.
I long for, with each passing day,
Your presence in my life!

I thank You for Your only Son
Who died and set me free.
I marvel at the fact that You
Think so much of me!

I thank You for Your tolerance
And a love that never ends.
How glad I am that You are both
My Savior and my Friend!

I thank You for the Holy Word
That's powerful and true!
It's the Plan You made and a gift
That keeps me close to You!

I thank You for Your gentleness
And desire to draw me near.
When You embrace me in Your arms
I lose all doubt and fear!

But most of all I thank You, Lord
Because You're God and King!
I'll praise You till the day I die;
My heart will forever sing;

I Thank You, Lord!!!!!

                               © Leslie Rummel 2012

We Celebrate Him

We celebrate the life in Him,
the arisen man in spring, when life begins.

In flesh and bone does He remain,
his words are songs of love and peace... in sweet refrain.

On an unnamed day of Sunday fashion,
He arose from death by God's compassion...

and saved the souls of humanity, preventing our calamity.

Let us always honor what He has done,
our shepherd king and Father's Son.

May Easter be a day of peace,
for the high in rank to the very least.

And keep in mind the true earned sequel;
that all of us who share the earth, in every way are equal.

                               © Robert Edwards, Jr. 2012

Easter Is...

Chocolate eggs in sparkly foil,
Bright flowers springing from the soil,
Bunnies playing all around,
Hatching eggs, a cracking sound!
Remembering God gave his only Son
to show his love for everyone.

                               © Emma Ryan 2012

It is Well

What a wonderful thought to be thinking
And trusting, in the living Son of God.
Thinking of the believers found in Him,
Of those who believe in His true Son.

Knowing His Spirit can dwell within,
It is well to be one always rejoicing
In the love of the Saviour's true word,
Showing grace and love to another.

It is well to know one's calling
For our life in a troubled world.
Well to know the promises made
To those trusting in Him.

                               © Esther Thornburg 2012


*Historical Information for The Christian Story provided by Wikipedia and The Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations

We thank each of the poets for graciously furnishing their work and telling the Christian story in a deeply personal way. They own all rights to their individual pieces and no portion of their writings may be used without their permission.

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