The Colours of Easter

by Amy Marshall
(Alberta, Canada)

Green is for the palms they waved
Triumphant in the air
As their beloved Savior
Entered With them there

Purples for the sacrament
He shared that sacred night
He taught of truth, and faith, and hope
And doing what is right

Red is for the blood He spilt
There in Gethsemane
As He took upon Himself that day
The sins of you and me

Orange is for the cross he bore
Up to that distant hill
Where He would give His life for us
To do His Fathers will

Black is for the stone they placed
To keep His body there
It did not work, He conquered death
A gift that we all share

White is for the angel
That came where He had laid
To tell that He was risen
And they need not be afraid

Yellow is for the light of Christ
That shines for all to see
To guide us back to Father's arms
A place we long to be

And now this Easter season
With all the joy it gives
Reminds us of this wondrous truth
That our Redeemer lives!

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