The Cure

by William D. Miles

I am the source of pain in the universe, every teardrop every fear. I am going to take my own life, my end draws near. I am abnormal in every aspect of the word, and proud of it. I struggle to slice both my wrists now my life is shit. I carry a heavy burden of self hatred on my back. I am tired of the life I'm leading with my soul on a rack. I have the cure to the problems my death is planned. I'm dying slowly and enjoying it even as I'm damned. I am laughing and my smile grows wider as I die and slip away
I have these last words I demand to say
I was the source of Pain in the universe every teardrop every fear I have taken my own life my death was the cure.

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If you are literal, seriously speaking...
by: Anonymous

Please get help. Please talk with someone you trust. I'm thinking of you this Night...I hear your plea....I pray you only want attention, but Truth rings in your Words...which you will not continue to Write if you're not Here...
with Love...

by: Raven


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