by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

Is sharing and caring a sham?
Are past dreams our history?
To become one and to live
Is nowhere now our here?
By what rules do we fear?

Do we hear the fear of sight?
There can be no right of life
From our inner being do we know?
Through conscious revolution of mind
See the signs of time through eyes blind.

All is the source of the universe
The imagining of life’s magic
Through the holiness of the all
The creativity of what’s inside
Calm, peace, love can reside

The invisible no thing of the nothing
Is it the spirit fire at the center of heart?
Or the cross of life’s circle of the all?
Mankind manifested from the dirt of the earth
From the womb back to the dirt from birth.

Where do we begin the cycle of being?
To what end will the soul be protected?
When we die will we be like the Phoenix?
Raised from the ashes, the dirt of the earth
The passage of time, the right of our birth.

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