The Day of Day’s, the End of None

by jeff lamphear
(queensbury NY USA)

As I wake to the new day, I look out side and sigh. I look for one and instead see none who I hope to look to for comforting and love.

As I walk the day and look to the sky I see high the eagles fly, two I see in glorious flight, their movement such as a well choreographed dance. Their desire is not but to sore on the soft plumes of warm air that rise into the heavens.

I look for one who cares but for one who never comes, I feel as if I am lost in the wilderness on a cold dark night, a pack of wolves on the prowl to attack, the fight of my life to stay intact on this day of days.

Why for one with so much love to give must ye be destroyed yet again, the time of love is at thee end. The day of secure and able to love the one I long for, to be held in warm caress. To be loved for me and not who one thinks I should be but this is the day of days that never comes.

I think of a poem as I sit somber and repeat the words of self pity as D.H.Lawrence made clear but I still sit quietly waiting to hear just three little words that never appear in true meaningful words. One day, some way I will find the one but for now I truly live in the day of days with the end of none.

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