The Day Two Souls Became One...

by Shaista Khadim

Finally it was here
The wedding day
The Bride and Groom looked gorgeous together
What's more to say?

He wore golden and cream
She was covered in red and silver
They looked perfect
All eyes were transfixed on them.

When asked if they accept each other from their hearts
His bold voice echoed
Her feeble,yet strong,reply:"I Do"
Made everyone smile,and thank God.

Hand in hand
As the Bride and the Groom walked towards the car
Cameras flashed,people stared
As if the couple was the night's brightest star.

The bride is touched
When time of departure finally comes
Tears can't stop flowing out her eyes
The parents have to let go of their little bud.

He held her hand
And wiped her tears
Saying goodbye to her family
And welcomed her to his.

When she enters his house
Roses fall from above
He whispers in her ear
"This is just a trailer of my love"

After all traditions are met with
And the guests leave
The two souls are finally alone
In their decorated room in peace.

He takes out a red rose
And places in her palm
She is touched(she loves red roses)
But she remains calm.

He gifts her a bracelet
Made of Gold
She thanks him respectfully
The red rose still in her hold.

She smells the rose
(Artificial smell?Artificial flower?She is down)
But remains quiet
He will get hurt or might frown.

But he senses her feelings
(Bind together are their hearts),
And replies,"This is just to tell you
That I will love you till this rose withers"

A smile spreads across her face
By her beautiful heart and face ,he is stunned
This is the day
When two souls became one.

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