by Doris M Green
(Prescott, AZ)

A field filled with yellow and white daisies,
The trees glisten and sway in the wind,
Lightened and darkened by the Sun’s golden rays.
Suddenly the earth explodes and a new shape appears:
A hole blackened with blood and bodies.

The day continues, the daisies disappear,
And the trees are split and shattered,
And the earth bubbles and spurts with blood and dust.
The holes continue and death continues.

The Sun shines now and the golden rays continue
To darken and lighten the earth of blood and bodies,
This field still stand somewhere in the lands of war.
And the Sun still shines on this field.

And a boy runs
about trying to find a tree, but there are none.
A girl, she runs in this field to find a daisy, but they are gone.
The day ends with scattered bodies.
They found a tree and they found a daisy—
In a happier place.

(Anon Soldier)

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