The Demon Lives On, Due To Beliefs Of Another

by Ecreit

Never feeling safe.
And never knowing life.
The cause is a sense
The dead are in his eyes.
No proof of visions.
Only descriptive explanations.

Day after day.
And night by night.
Slowing his struggle for unwanted life.
Not knowing a reason.
Not knowing a cause.
But a demon within him.

On his chest are claws,
Marks of three.
Rampaging through his life.
The demon is free.
A ransom only death can fulfill.

But this "child" is strong.
yet no child in his mind.
Seeing more things than willing.
But having no choice.

Chaos is near.
But shed no fear.
It wasn't YOU who suffered...
You will die quickly.
With only a mind shattering sear.

The dark will fall even more so.
Serpents and arachnids surround him.
A slow, painful death.
Finally, the ceasing of breath.
Because of one's fault, all must suffer.

All this "child" wanted was his mother.
Falling to fear.
Contacting whatever he felt near.
A spiritual world,
One so unclear.

A girl of death.
Ganders upon his one final breath.
The kid is dead.
Along with the thoughts in his head.
But the demon lives on.
And is far from gone.
Tormenting the soul of a "child".
....Incapable of proof.
Because no one believed.
One "child's" truth.....

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