The Devil


When everything is silent evil can emerge
So I stay one of those people who using a defence with words
Otherwise I've got a sentence to serve
Penmanship has to emerge...
If demonic forces can come through at top speed
I stare into the platonic relationship I had with pot and weed
When I got it hot my soul would plant a seed
Into what I now know I don't take skill for granted ya gotta work to achieve
For me is being a servant of speech...
With all this said i sleep with one eye open
Third eye not broken
A nerd of the night but ive got more than average hope-and...
Youth look at me grinning cos they know I'm confused
It's a cold world and whiskey keeps you warm but abused
So will the devil miss-me or will he continue to be a thorn in my shoe
Why Were we born with no clue?...

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