by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA )

Live your life without fear of death
Should death come welcome it brave
Unlike others who pray for more time
Know that you gave life your best
Respect others opinions it’s theirs
Demand no less from them the test
There is honor for the lives you save.

We all have an appointed time to die
There is a time to live and be brave
Life in itself brings many battles
Be proud of who you are that day
To those you serve be a warrior
Show your family the right way
For the warrior’s death is superior.

When you’ve served your country well
And you brought family through turmoil
Remember those that went before you
That lived and gave life for a purpose
No better valor for one who stays the code
Truth and honor upon the heart impose
The chariot to heaven they all rode.

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