The Dream Pool

by D.J Kaidan (Kwazinative)

As the title suggests, Dreams. why do we have them? is there a purpose to their existence?

Does destiny play a major role via our dreamscapes? and if so. How are our dreams almost always misinterpreted or misunderstood by others?

Lets first begin with a dream I had last night. from there possibly we can share similarities with one another and hopefully make sense of the at times, daunting reality of Surrealism;

"As I lay in my bed, longing to understand what the 'being's' motives were and to have closure, if indeed I was experiencing these anomalies. I fell asleep. and in my dream-like world I saw an orb or multi-colored light 'swim' up to me. I say swim because that is how It appeared to move! likened to that of a paper bag caught up in an updraft. so elegant. so graceful. as it pranced around exactly the way a ballerina would upon her recital..

It was at first so overwhelming. then as usual, fear began to set in and finally as the fear subsided, I began to feel an elation of some kind. my whole body began to tingle. I could hear whispers blowing softly in and out of my head. there was no element of wind present.

All of a sudden as if out of nowhere I felt a sudden chill run up and down my spine.

I instantly felt reassured and inwardly I knew it was not something to be feared, that this was an awakening of many senses to an extraordinary experience. like none other I've ever had or wished I could ever have.. then as I woke up. an amazing sense of peace fell upon me. and I knew everything was gonna be just fine"

(not really a poem per se) Hope you enjoyed reading my hopes/ fears. dreams and inner most thoughts

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