The Dusk

by Arnav Sahay
(Bangalore, India)

The lights of the day are slowly fading away,
The lights fade away slowly into the dusk,
Stirring up the dust of the long forgotten paths
In my carefree mind
The footprints in the sands of time,
May fade away but are never erased
This day brings back memories
Of those loving days
When I was a small boy,
Living my own carefree life.
Playing cricket in the fields,
The laughter of my friends
They are still alive in my mind
The girl I loved... her ever smiling face
Are fresh in memories
As a dew drop on a rose
This dusk instills in me
The spirits and the hope
To fight on and live again
My life in a carefree way
To awaken in me the spirits
Of the small boy, who in me
Is living still, but has gone
Deep inside in a corner of my heart ...

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