The Dusty Roads Part 1

by Yard Arm

Stunned by the beauty
When she walked in.

Sensing the perils she’s facing, I saw.

I offered my aid
In ways I can

Tossed from glamour and glitter
To the dusty roads below

I thought why she is here
And who tossed her out

I got her to her feet
And dusted her off

Listening to her,
I offered a smile and my arm

She began to glow & thrive
With confidence

Her walls were coming down
With an invite I was welcome

I walked into her world
Different from mine

Glamour & glitter and champagne
I was taken aback in awe

I knew this wasn’t my world

Seeing the changes she made,
In her walk & confidence

Our time was fast in coming

She finally readies her move
Without enlightening me

My labors were taken,
But never returned

How fast she forgot
the dusting off she welcomed
with much more than a smile

The badgering, the belittling,
the glaring looks I took,
oh my, I closed my eyes.

Left behind without a “Thank You”

I look her way and say
“You're Welcome” each and every day.

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