The Dusty Roads Part 3

by Yard Arm

Back in my world again
On those dusty roads

I work my days
Sleep my nights

Stopping some days
Where we met

Flash backs, I reflect on
Of the good time we had

Much more than fun
Comes to mind

The warmth we shared
And the glances we gave

She turned to hatred
Rage and despair

She offered false hopes and lies
Now I notice

How can I have been
So blind not to see

Fooled and played by the beauty
And smug embrace

I look back and shiver and quake

How cunning and calculating she was
And how I opened myself to her

Now she is gone, on her exodus
I’ll survive to see another day

For I’ll do it again another way
For that’s who I am

In days to come I’ll stop and
Look back
To see …

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