The End's Beginning

by The Coplication

The call of the souls from the dark woods of doom
Slammed his ears like a military order
Lost in thoughts, staring through his window
He reasons whether he should give an answer
Bloody hands, sulphur filled
Broke through and got a grip
Whether or not to go or stay,
For that decision, he had no power
He died in his sleep...
He could hear his mom scream from the physical
But nothing seemed to work as he fought for his soul against two demons
Dragging him into the pits of the afterlife
He was torn in pieces and devoured by the scavengers of doom
And even at this, he could feel his heart beat slowly within his chest
Unimaginable pain, till his heart pumped it's last...
Only to bring him back to life, his physical self, up again
As he opened his lids to the mortuary...
Denied life only to escape death
Bend the boa's tail into it's mouth
Tell not the reason, oh, bother ye not
Explain now till time's end, he'll gain no understanding
As the phoenix takes form of fine sand grains
Weary from chaotic years
Then regains form refreshed and strong
Youth years of glory take a present form

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by: Anonymous

It's content is direct and clear...easy to comprehend, yet brilliant

Blown away
by: jsirony.....John

A beautiful piece of thoughtful and evocative writing.I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.j

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