The Field of the Yellow Rose

by Jimmy Langford

I went to the woods and sat near a brook today.
I wondered what it would be like to watch you run and play.
As I drifted into thought I drifted into dream.
I awoke in a field of yellow roses standing near a stream.

As I looked around, I saw children running here and there.
I asked them where are your parents or the one for whom you are under care.
All of them smiled and pointed towards a small boy sitting with his feet drifting in the water.
I asked him who was watching over the children he said me, it's the will of my father.

I sat beside him and asked what are you fishing for, what are you using for bait.
I use a verse for a Hook, Love for a bait, I cast my pole relying on faith.
I told him that was cute, He replied well it's true.
With a smile on his face, it's how I caught you.

Who are you, where are we, Quick I need to know.
Well my name is Jesus, this is the stream of the lost soul.
I have tried catching you for awhile, I'm glad you finally chose.
This is heaven or in your mind the field of the yellow rose.

I awoke and quickly I grabbed my pole.
Faith is how I'll cast, God's word for bait, and I'll hurry to the stream of the lost soul.
I'll sit here no matter what the weather.
If you take the bait we can go there together.

We can take off our shoes let the water run between out toes.
I really want to see you in the Field of the Yellow Rose.

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Thank you Andrew Grant I'm glad you enjoyed it.
by: Anonymous

One of the first poems I ever wrote. I know that it needs some work but I wanted to stress the fact of wanting to see people be saved.

Lovely story
by: Andrew Grant

I really enjoyed this poem. The story, the imagery of the stream and the field of the yellow rose transported me in to the poem- really lovely poem.

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