The Flower

by Michael
(United States)

To the lonely flower in bloom,
what is spring?
Does the flower truly blossom of the spring
or does the flower choose when to blossom?
What matter does the flower have in free will?
What is destined and what is untold?
The flower may live
its lifespan unaware
of any concept of fate or destiny.
The flower may live
its lifespan observational
and philosophical of such concepts.
But what does it matter
whether the flower blooms in the autumn
or the spring,
and what does it matter
the clarity of the flower?
To set on a pre-destined path
is the journey which every flower much take.
Every flower must bloom,
lest it wither away and become nothing.
To become anything, a flower must bloom.
But to bloom, a flower must bloom in spring.
A flower must.
A flower will.

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