The Forgotten Army

by Anastasia

I looked around at the bodies as they decade.
I could feel nothing, but dismay.
Hundreds died for a cause,
yet, no one would even pause.
They would just go about their day,
without ever thinking what those hundreds had to pay.
No one would remember the hundreds gone,
for, in the end, the army had just been a pawn.
A pawn, in the game of war.
A pawn, a pawn, that is no more.
A pawn, that was nothing but fish for a shark.
A pawn, whose future had been very dark.
Some people would only stop to say, "How sad."
or "How bad."
In front of us, they brawled
None were what they should be, appalled.
Yet, there'll be buried at the book of history books,
and when you speak of them, people will give you looks.
For an army, that's life ended in blood,
now lies, motionless, in the mud.
Soon only their bones will show as if to say,
"Go away!
For this is a graveyard of many men.
This is a bloodsoaked glen,
For an army came, and received no mercy, only slaughtered."
Perhaps some left behind a son or daughter.
People have and people have gone,
but the army did not stay for long.
For they fought in a cause for which they believed,
a cause for which their final gasp was breathed.
A cause for which men entered eternal sleep.
A cause which they followed like mindless sheep.
I have walked many miles and seen many things,
but never have I seen so many men die for faithless kings
I saw the light leave people's eyes.
I saw them truly, fully, die.
Now they lie, sadly, in the dirt,
and they are the only ones who feel hurt.
For no one will remember them,
For their plans were not so stratagem.
Now, they are truly lost,
for no one, no one will remember their cost.

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