The Fortune Cookie from Mom

by Ralph Randolpoh SAwyer
(Houston, Texas)

My mother and I
Could find nothing to do.
So, we ate lunch
And went to the zoo.

We found many animals
From far off places.
They seemed to like it there,
They all had their spaces.

I was hungry again
And did not know what to try.
So I had a cookie
I liked it, No lie.

Especially the note
That came under cover.
I thought it was strange
And not from my mother.

“You will gain great wisdom.”
That’s just what it said.
Mom said, “That is your fortune.”
And it stuck in my head.

Now I am older.
The zoo is not there.
I wear a hat,
And have no hair.

But I remembered that day,
The rest of her life.
Now I live in a small town,
And talk with my wife.

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