The Game's Up!

by Parrish Lantern
(Kent, United Kingdom)

Tyrone spoke that
Cynthia's disposition betrayed her
that as a habit it
would one day slay her
That as a lifestyle it was mayhem.
Tyrone spoke that
Cynthia was a harm unto herself
That this was no good for her health
Probably why she was still on the shelf
That's the words Tyrone spoke.

Tyrone spoke tha... tell you what
Let's ignore Tyrone
he's like some old dog
Gnawing marrow bone
Not happy unless he moans

STOP! I think there's an agenda here
Between the two of them I fear
That Cynthia betrayed by her disposition
and Tyrone spoke of some inquisition, that..... allowed
this poem to be worded
and yet somehow
The reasons murky
I sense a prompt behind
what's written
By someone who by
words are smitten
That this is not Cynthia's disposition
That it bears the signs
of the word wizard.

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