The Gates of Graceland

by Kirsty
(Kent, United Kingdom)

A feeling of emotional pleasure
To visit the home of my idol my hero and my unrequited love
A still October morning
Nothing but the whistle of the wind to be heard
The sun beams upon the mansion
As it stands so superior in the distance
The clouds have parted and heaven is shining upon it
I close my eyes and I can see him smile before me
I feel his warmth surround me and I hear his songs bless my ears
Only here could I feel so close to someone who is so far
To walk upon this hallowed ground
To take the steps walked by a king
Is fulfilling a dream of mine
From the gates of Graceland
To the gates of heaven
Never will he be forgotten
A candle flickers for a much missed soul
And a spirit that will live forever.

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