by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

It’s been said love and truth
are the only things worth living for
These are the gateways to human emotions
that open the door
The same has been said
that they are also worth dying for
Love and truth are the essence
which completes the human soul.

Our emotions that come from heart and soul
are like a blossom
The fragrancy of all human knowledge,
thoughts that are awesome
Human passions, language that
communicates forms of connective wisdom
Or those of the tender affections, love and
friendship; warming the soul.

For no matter what dull person we
seemed to be before,
let us fall in love
Watch the transformation of emotion,
the kind that comes from above
For we soon reap the fruits
offered in this life
affecting not only the mind
But physical poise
and reaction of wonderment
that a life of love finds.

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