by Rick McGrath
(Modesto, Ca, USA)

They gathered at liberty's holy shrine,
Their flag waving stripes and bars divine.
Trial by fire or trial by combat the battle call,
All for one and one for all.

Chanting, chanting my country tis of thee,
We will storm the gates into infamy.
Oh, sweet land of liberty we’ll not back down,
Hear our words, soon comes the showdown.

Breach the gates take no prisoners today,
For today they have a price to pay.
Give us liberty or give us death,
We will fight until our dying breath.

Come the end of this day, the bill will come due,
As history writes of uprising, insurrections and coup.
With sadness and death there will be great sorrow,
For by the hand of man there’s no guarantee of tomorrow.

By Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
Photo credit: Sherry Ann McGraw-Weddington

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