The Gothic

by Sandro Kretus

I am the poet of the dark
cropping in cold gardens
dead flowers
with pale hands

Am I being dark
who watches the night
with the look of a vampire
trying to find beauty
that lurks in every shadow

My eyes painted black
see what they can not
be seen
by mortal eyes

I am the night mist
ear of
the cathedrals

I wander in the dark skies
where the eyes of
the magical twilight

in the dark
see the light
few still
and on earth where beings
gently with plan
my wings
dark angel

My loneliness
devours the hours
waiting for the day is done
to fall on me
cover of night
where daydream
without arousing

My verses written
with blood
runs like a warm rain
in abandoned buildings
where I leave the lament of a world

Disease left by beings
that destroy the world
with their impious rage
Who are the strangers?
Or are you crazy?

Leave me alone with my sorrow
because the left is crying
After all, someone needs to cry
it's me
being of darkness

Let me light my fire
in the land of the dead souls
I lie down on the tombstones cold and pies
left by beings
of old

Let me sing
dark bowels
Close to me
the world is sick
maybe there is more healing
someone needs to cry
then it's me
being the dark night

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Oct 24, 2015
Enjambment is a Precious Thing. Or it was.
by: Damon Hode

I know enjambment is exciting for poets but wow. This poem is literally just enjambment. All of it. I was starting to think that nobody here knew what it was (let alone how to use it) and then this poem shows up. The constant use of enjambment makes this poem so long and thin that I could wear it as a belt. Probably a black, leather, studded belt to make it appropriate for the genre use. Nice job though.

Feb 12, 2013
children of the night
by: Silvija

It's a great poem!
Never stop writing

Aug 05, 2012
by: Garrett Gowing

i dig your poem id buy a book or very least read a few pages at the book store in them comfy chairs

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