The Guarded Heart

by Jared Bauman
(Sterling, OH)

Fog clouds the view,
As I press my nose up to the glass.
The glass that guards your heart.
And I can only wonder,
This glass appearing,
This sudden fearing;
Was it my part?

My heart aches.
It's so lonely.
It nearly breaks,
for my one and only.
I don't know your pain,
Your tears,
Your fears.
I wish you'd let me in,
So we can laugh,
And dream,
Just be near again.

The scars he left haven't yet healed.
You protect.
You guard.
Your heart stays sealed.
I want to fix.
I want to mend.
I want to hold you,
My best friend.

But then I'm reminded.
I can see it,
Yet again.
It's not mine to fix.
It's not mine to mend.
It belongs to the King.
It's his heart to heal.
I have no part.
It's His to unseal.

So I wait on the Lord.
And if it's His plan,
He'll make you my girl,
And He'll make me your man.

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