The House of Willows

by Tracie Walpole
(Dunnville, Ontario)

The Willow Trees stand tall and proud
Knowing all the happiness found
Beneath them both in years gone by
"Get me down Daddy" they almost cry

The right, by the driveway, taller than most
The left one "Marks tree" with forts to boast
The climbing, the crying, the fun that we had
The growing, the fighting when we were mad

The shade that they offered the house where we grew
The sore backside threats with a switch we all knew.
The family we have The Lucky Five plus
Has shaped and molded this family of "us"

Pinto ponies and Fluffies and Candy and Bootsie
Pink stuffed "cat", brown teddy bear and nick names like "puddy"
Jumping from roof tops in '77
Chili sauce smells that smelt just like heaven.

Green and white camper, and teeth knocked out
Tire swings, Hoppers, and "He did it" shouts
Camping and cousins and swimming pool fun
Boyfriends and girlfriends to which Mom put the run.

Our growing up years were too short and so full
We have memories and joys that will never be dull
The Willows, the pond and the big old white house
Our family together will remain in our hearts .....

Author's Note:
Thank you for being my little brother and my little sister and for so many precious memories....(and a few unsavory ones)
I love you both

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