by Glenn
(Tucson, Arizona)

When kiss a legal kiss be?
Certainly, parties consent involved.
In writing need be?
Verbal agreement?
Non-verbal invitation?
Satisfaction guaranteed?

When kiss romantic?
Heart recognizing mutual heart . . .
Heart double checking mutual hearts.
Over time . . .
Walking together . . .
Talking together . . .
Sitting together . . .
The heart to heart measured movement in time.
The dance . . .
The birthed rhythm you and I.
Mystery melded movement us, we.

Is it illegal to desire romantic kiss before its time?
Is there mercy for this unconscious desire . . .
This fantasy . . .
This uncontrollable dream. . .
Doubt it happens alone?

If illegal to desire romantic kiss before its time . . .
Guilty I am!
Give up to your mercy.
Can I tell you a secret?
Hope we are partners in crime.

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