by Mehak Vijay Chawla
(Delhi, India )

When you said the last “Goodbye”,
I had no reply rather just to cry,
I was the Germany signing the Treaty of Versailles,
Was tough to make my soaked eyes dry.

You called me in a hotel,
You also had wet eyes and was trying,
To make the situation calm,
And we both were dying from both sides.

We were the paintings of great sorrow,
Staying away made me fonder of you,
After every goodbye you said,
There was a hatbox full of memories.

Forcing myself “I am in a time loop”,
I realized there was something in my heart,
Things look bleak, but will get better,
Were the letter that everybody made cry.

Was a story of me who had a dream,
To once be loved by a person,
The dream was half full-filled and,
Left in a dilemma of melancholy.

And remember you were the one,
Who told me “GOODBYE”.

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