by Elizabeth

When a teacher couldn't be bothered
to go to school,
she sent her pets to school instead.
She stayed at home,
on the phone,
telling the office she had measles.
She told them she'll be ok
because she's sending what she likes to call
weasles to school instead.

The pets made up their very own jobs.
The giraffe stood at the back of the class
to watch the children.
The elephant taught them to hoover up,
and the dragon cooked their dinner.
The fox taught maths,
The chameleon taught art,
The dolphin taught swimming
and the monkeys taught P.E.
The birds taught geography,
The squirrel taught Design and Technology,
The Orangutan taught I.C.T,
and the Mockingbirds taught music.
The pig taught cooking,
The whales took them on school trips,
The chimps taught history,
and the saltwater crocodile taught dancing.

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