The Legend of Fred Begins ....

by kjforce

" A night for the strangest things to happen "

It was that special night…

Of fright and delight….

The kind that most children enjoy…

Where monsters and clowns sleep under the bed...

and children with their favorite toy…

pull the covers over their head..

But this night was different …

Some still can’t believe it…

But it’s up to you to decide…

Four children set off for a night of screams..

but that's nothing compared to their future of dreams..

The costumes were chosen, and the children quite proud….

knew they were going to be the scariest and creepiest ones in the crowd..

The night was windy and a little bit cool….

Four friends met, down by the school...

There was a Werewolf, a Gothic Fairy, Vampire and a Clown..

The Clown had a smile which was turned upside down.

No one spoke, as they were all in disguise…

because that would have ruined the big surprise…

They went up to the houses yelling “trick or treat“..

And each got something good to eat…

Oh, what a blast they had that night..

Running up and down the streets..

Filling their tummies with lots of sweets..

It was getting late and they were tired. .we should be in bed, they said..

But before we go, we need to know, which one of us is “Fred ?”

So they took off their masks…and to their surprise..

The Werewolf was Mason, the Gothic Fairy was Gabby…

And the Vampire was their best friend the little blonde Abby….

Oh!!! then you must be our friend Fred.. ..they said to the clown..

But ...when the clown started to remove his mask…

they discovered the truth…he wasn’t wearing one….

So where's Fred ?????

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