The Light

by Anonymous

Over the land,
Beyond the oceans,
What is on the other side?
Where will we go?
What will we see?

All alone now.
No way of turning back.
Nowhere else to go.
It is straight forward,
Right into the light.

The light is bright,
The light is warming,
The light is hope,
The light is no more fear,
The light is no more sorrow.

Is the light lying to me?
Is it leading me to eternal darkness,
hopelessness, fear, sorrow,
Towards the cold?
Is it a path of destruction?

Only entering will tell me.
I sent myself here, let it happen.
The coldness of blade,
The warmth of the blood.
It happened, no restart button.

Did it happen.
Am I in a dream?
Is the world that surrounds me
Completely in my imagination.
Was this life I lived real?

I walk towards the light in anticipation,
Is it all an illusion?
Is there a love on the other side?
Will it all be hatred?
Or, is there absolutely nothing?

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Aug 04, 2012
Fantastic poem
by: Rachel

Wow this poem is amazing. I really like it. As a reader I felt the emotions that the poem intended to put across. Keep writing the amazing poems.

Aug 03, 2012
by: lucy

love ur poem

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