The Lion and the Mouse!

by J. Elin

There was a lion who lived in a cave.

He was extremely big and terribly brave.

The Lion was not frightened of anything

because he was the fearsome jungle king.

One day he was asleep nearby his house

When he was woken by a little mouse.-

The Lion grabbed the mouse with his large paw -

He licked his lips and opened his wide jaw.-

The little mouse looked at him with sheer dread -

He didn’t want to be some scrumptious spread. -

“Squeak, squeak, Mr Lion do not eat me -

Some day I will help you so let me be”.

“You help me” he said “I don’t think so

But I’m not that hungry so off you go.”

One day while hunting deep in the jungle -

The lion tripped over and took a tumble.

Suddenly he was stuck in an evil trap

The other animals began to clap.

He saw some grey elephants and he cried

“Elephants, please help me I’ve swallowed my pride”.

“oh Mr Lion we will not help you

so how does it feel to be in a stew”.?

The elephants said with extreme delight

And off they trundled into the dark night.

The lion waited and a few hours passed

Then out of the blue he saw some giraffes

“Giraffes, Giraffes he said Please, please help me”

The Giraffes looked at him and decided to flee.

He was extremely hungry and very cold

He was terribly tired and feeling less bold.

When all of a sudden down by the lake

he heard the hissing of a slimy snake.

“Snake, please, please help me I’m stuck in a trap,

I feel confused and I’m all in a flap.

The snake hissed “Jungle King I must admit.”

you really do look like a proper twit.

Snake laughed and laughed and felt real good

and away he slithered into the deep wood.

The Lion began to feel in despair

He was stuck outside in the cold night air.

Then all of a sudden out from his house

Came the patter of the little brown mouse.

“Pardon Lion I’m not one for prying

But please tell me why you are crying?”

The lion told the mouse his whole story

in all its wondrous gruesome glory.

The little mouse began to gnaw and gnaw

The scary lion sat there full of great awe.

At last, the lion roared “I’m Free” I’m free

With that he invited mouse home for tea.

From then on the lion and the mouse were very good friends

because the lion learned how to make amends..

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Nov 12, 2012
by: Vanessa

A wonderful, delightful poem with a strong and meaningful message. I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Apr 20, 2012
by: Anonymous


Feb 10, 2012
It's a wonderful poem
by: Anonymous

Simple but a meaningful poem.I've learned this story IN SMALLER CLASSES ..but not as a poem...Good keep it up! more please

Oct 04, 2011
by: alexia

This poem is so very interesting. Whoever wrote this poem is truly talented

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