The Lonely Princess

by Indralekha Bhattacharya
(Kolkata , West Bengal , India.)

It’s all empty and calm now!!....All empty and calm!!...
No evening-balls, no royal feasts,
No horse-rides, no hunting of beasts;
No dance hall, full of crowd, echoing music and drum!

My castle is so empty now! My castle is forlorn!
My riches are all gone, God...and My gowns are all torn!!
The cobwebs, and the spiders, the owls and the rats,
Adorn now my royal glory, along with the bats!!

They call my castle haunted now, with the shadows from the past!!
It is sinking into the river slowly, and I know; it is not long to last!
Yet I dance in the full-moon-nights, me, the princess alone!
However, if you may never see me dear, cause,
I am past, and...I am long-gone!

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