The Lost

by Ahmed Garba
(Lagos, Nigeria )

The craze has eaten
The wounds too deep
The world is shut
From you to me

My heart is fixed
With a frozen thought
That craves in essence
A solemn lust

The wind is blunt
And the eve is lost
The darkest seas
Bears no grudge

The heavens are open
But no rain drops
Lost to the sea
A deep blind thought

The love is lost
For the summertime
For it might only share
The Grimm reaper's shadowy smile

The ticking has stopped
But the waves still Rocks
Like a chain that saws
In an open stream

Fragments of a cage
Lost in the making
But not so clear
The smog might be faking

The world is still
And I am lost
Not to life
But to the world of mine

What if I take a dear sissy bride
To replenish the agony
Of a long lost love

The most melodious melodies
Scent not to the heart that hath stoned
For it might only share
The grim reaper's shadowy smile.

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