The Lost

by Sarah Nicolle Lyman
(Pittsfield, Illinois)

Inside, I am a living corpse.
vacant as an old empty house, rotting away in solitary confinement
I hear nothing but the silence of the world
I feel nothing but slow aching burns.
black and gray am I inside, this emptiness I cannot hide
filled with dust and broken soul, crimson tears overflow.
I have tasted the wicked poison
and felt the brittle touch of death.
Looking out from the bottom, holding my last breath.

Pain has been my only friend, there with me until the end.
Call out the ghost that lives in me, with your love will it set me free.
Place your lips upon my heart, breathe into me, so it can start.
My days seem as dark as night
a fallen angel who can't take flight.
Dancing demons laugh in my head, stalking me in my bed.
I fight this life with all my strength, pushing back with no escape.
Scraping the ashes clinging to my memories
embrace the ones that give me peace
though I'm buried alive in my mistakes and darkness
I know I am in there somewhere

So until then....until I'm found,
I am an empty space lost without a sound.
until the day that I am saved, my heart is dead and
my smiles raped.
Until then....

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