The Main Event

by Leslie Rummel
(Newnan, Georgia USA)

It's not about a Christmas tree
Or lights that shimmer so…
It's all about the Main Event
That happened long ago!

It's not about Black Friday
Or the dollars that we save…
It's all about a Baby Boy
The gift to us God gave!

It's not about the presents
That give our spirits a lift…
It's all about the Father
Who sent the perfect gift!!!

It's not about receiving things
With monetary worth…
It's all about an infant
Who brings hope to all the Earth!

It's not about St. Nicholas
Or the good deeds that we do…
It's all about The Promised One
Who came to Earth anew!

It's not about adorning trees
With trinkets on each limb…
It's all about His strong desire
For us to worship Him!

It's not about the carolers
Or the melodies that they sing...
It's all about the One who saves,
Who's Christ the Lord and King!

It's not about long Shopping lines
Or filling up our carts…
It's all about us asking Him
To live within our hearts!

It's not about December
Or "Secret Santa" with a friend…
It's all about the Holy One
Who to Heaven did ascend!

It's not about the credit cards
Or bills that we incur…
It's all about the debt He paid
Our salvation to ensure!

It's not about the parties
Or fancy clothes and shoes…
It's all about an Angel
Who brought to us, Good News!!!

It's not about the snow machines
Or holiday flags unfurled…
It's all about a child who came
To save a troubled world!!!

It's not about vacations
Or the twinkling lights above…
It's all about the Father
And His Agape love!

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